Life After Bankruptcy

30 Aug The New Rules For Getting An FHA Mortgage After Bankruptcy

The Federal Housing Administration, in a major policy change, has announced easier rules for people looking to get a mortgage after bankruptcy.

The Federal Housing Administration will allow a bankruptcy debtor to get a mortgage backed by FHA in as little as one year after bankruptcy - if certain minimal criteria are met.

The one year timeframe also applies to short sales and even foreclosures.

This is yet another acknowledgment that the “stigma” of bankruptcy has been replaced by the “necessity” of bankruptcy.

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11 Jul The Curious Case Of Bankruptcy, The Mortgage Company And Reaffirmation.

Bankruptcy generally discharges or re-organizes a debtor’s obligations. This often includes any mortgage that the debtor owes. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debts can go away but the liens often remain. The debtor either pays the mortgage or loses the property. In a chapter 13, the...

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28 Apr What Are The Real Benefits Of The Bankruptcy Discharge?

income for bankruptcy--profit loss statementA bankruptcy discharge is one of the primary reasons that a person files for bankruptcy protection. We all should know this, but do we really know what the bankruptcy discharge allows us to do? This is the question that really needs to be answered. First, we need to discuss what the bankruptcy discharge is and then we can speak about the benefits. The discharge can be defined in lawyer terms or in a way that non-lawyers can understand. A legal definition of the bankruptcy discharge is that the discharge creates a statutory permanent injunction against the collection of all dischargeable debts of the debtor. In non-legal terminology, the discharge prevents creditors, whose debts were properly included in the bankruptcy and legallydischarged, from taking any or all steps to collect on their debt.
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13 Mar After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge: Can You Take A 401k Loan?

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It pleases me to no end when I get a call from someone I represented in bankruptcy a few years back and I find out they are doing great and are back on their feet. I like hearing fromformer bankruptcy clientsand getting good news.

Often the call from former clients is prompted in because they need something from me to get a loan.

Not all loans are bad, but I start out worried when I hear that they are about to get into debt. Bang! If youhit your headon a low branch once or twice, you'd learn to duck or walk down another path. It is always my hope that filing for bankruptcy helps people get onto a new path with a balanced budget, the ability to save to cover purchases they used to have to finance, and to hear that they also have gotten to the point where they even have enough money to do something a little extra for themselves or are buying a new [modest] home.

The question I got this week was from a former Chapter 7bankruptcy client who had received adischarge last year. His case was completed and closed, and he had been able to get a fresh start free from overwhelming debts.

He wanted to know if he could take a loan from his 401k retirement which he hadexemptedin his bankruptcy case.

The answer to his question is:

"Yes. You can take a 401k loan...

  but then I can't help myself from answering the unasked question.

You can take out a loan, but it might not be a good idea to do so.


"Can I get a loan now?"

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