Filing for Bankruptcy

24 Feb Divorce During A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to save your home and your car, but now you and your spouse are separated and have filed for divorce. What happens to your case? (See also, What If My Spouse Dies During Our Bankruptcy?). Every bankruptcy attorney who files Chapter 13 bankruptcies has this issue arise from time to time. When you approach your attorney about your divorce issues, you must remember that your attorney represents both of you, and cannot help you in any way that could be detrimental to your spouse.
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11 Feb Why Am I Suddenly Having Trouble Paying My Credit Card Bills?

The stagnant financial position of the middle class in this country has long meant that the standard practice of many households has been to survive each month financially by making just the minimum payment demanded by the credit card company. And for many years, the credit card issuing banks have notoriously set this payment so low that consumers found themselves with virtually perpetual credit card debt, while at the same time they were continually enticed by these low payments to continue using the cards, amassing even larger piles of debt.
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