Filing for Bankruptcy

07 May Sometimes In Bankruptcy It Is Good To Focus On Something Besides Yourself.

[caption id="attachment_40029" align="alignleft" width="230"]Life Focus Sometimes you must focus on something besides yourself.[/caption] The term bankruptcy often sends people into a spiraling state of panic as I have discussed in prior articles. It is not unusual when discussing the bankruptcy process for people to break out in a cold sweat. Their pupils dilate as their flight or fight system kicks in from the fear that washes over them. As well a lump develops in their throat and a gnawing sensation swells in their gut from the fear and anticipation when discussing bankruptcy. These feelings and physiological responses are great if you are getting ready to compete in any athletic event but not so much when you are dealing with the reality that your finances appear to be beyond your control. So what do you do?
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02 May No, Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Is Not Trying to Torture You

For people who are engaged in a profession that is based upon communication, lawyers can be very bad at communicating. Bankruptcy lawyers, including me, don't always communicate effectively with clients. Like any other specialized profession, we tend to think and talk in jargon, and we...

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