Filing for Bankruptcy

04 Sep Health Savings Accounts Not Exempt in Bankruptcy

A health savings account (HSA) belonging to a Mounds View, Minnesota, police officer was not exempt in bankruptcy, the 8th Circuit Bankruptcy Apellate Panel ruled. The appeals court upheld the bankruptcy court's order thatin Minnesota, anHSA is property of the bankruptcy estate pursuant to 11...

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27 Aug Why The Information You Give Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Has A Sell-By Date

The information your bankruptcy lawyer needs will go stale in a short time. Keeping up the freshness is important to the success of your case. Bankruptcy information is like milk: it smells after it sits for a while. Dump your data on your lawyer, then drop out of sight, and you risk that your bankruptcy filing based on that old information will be seriously inaccurate. Here's why you don't want your bankruptcy information to go stale.
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22 Aug Our Best Tips For Filing For Bankruptcy Without Your Spouse

If you're thinking of filing for bankruptcy without your spouse, follow these steps to avoid pitfalls. Filing for bankruptcy means disclosing your assets, property, debts, and household income. For most people, that's a fair trade-off for getting out of debt. But if you're married, you may not be comfortable with the impact on your spouse. Thankfully, the bankruptcy laws reflect the fact that in the real world, you and your spouse may not share everything with one another. Here are our best tips for filing for bankruptcy without your spouse.
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