Medical Bills

30 Dec New Year's Resolutions For People In Debt

The following are some resolutions for those of us in debt. Each one is linked to an article found on the pages of,,, or 1. Don’t gamble 2. Don’t sign up with a “Debt Settlement” company 3. Don’t shop on QVC...

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13 Jan New Missouri Law: Medical Bills Intercept Tax Refunds

Beginning January 1, 2008, medical creditors could have the State of Missouri collecting their debts for them by taking your tax refunds. Once again, creditors have convinced legislators to allow them to take your money without giving you a meaningful way to defend yourself. Under the new law, a health service provider like a hospital could present your overdue bill to the State of Missouri's department of health and senior services. The department would treat the bill as though it was owed to the State and set it off against income tax refunds you have coming. The department would get up to 20% of the money to pay for its costs and the rest would go to the service provider.
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