Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

12 Mar What Should I Expect At The Bankruptcy Trustee Hearing?

I've filed for bankruptcy and now I have to go to a hearing. What should I expect?

If your bankruptcy case is routine, you should expect only one hearing with the bankruptcy trustee. The trustee is an employee of the U.S. Department of Justice whose job is to examine your case to determine that everything is in order. The bankruptcy trustee will ask questions to see if you are hiding assets or have been truthful on the bankruptcy schedules of your petition. The Office of the U.S. Trustee is always actively looking for cases to prosecute for bankruptcy fraud, so it's very important that you disclose all of your assets, liabilities and other financial information completely and accurately.

Usually, the hearings are quite routine and last only a few minutes. Much of the necessary paperwork is already in the trustee's hands. By this time, you will have provided copies of your tax returns, paystubs and most likely any information on your real estate and bank account. Your finances have been reviewed by any number of staff people.

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