Discharge of Debt

21 Apr Bankruptcy 420

In honor of April 20th everywhere, and in the immortal Hollywood movie words of Jeff Spicoli, Hey dude, let’s party. But first, a quick drug trivia lesson. Who said “Are you on drugs?” My Cousin Vinny’s Judge Chamberlain Haller. Don’t you just love that movie, I know...

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24 Mar Bonuses Paid to Debtor After Chapter 7 Filing Can’t be Taken by Bankruptcy Trustee

The Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit, ruled that employment bonuses paid to a debtor shortly after she filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy could not be considered part of her bankruptcy case. The court's ruling allowedthe debtorto keep $24,072.00 in...

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27 Feb Unlisted Debts Are Not Discharged in First Circuit

Debts which are not listed in bankruptcy schedules are not discharged in the First Circuit, which covers Puerto Rico and New England (except Connecticut and Vermont). The only exception is if that creditor otherwise knew of the bankruptcy filing when it happened. They are discharged...

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