Can’t Access Pacer or ECF? You May Need to Change a Setting in Your Browser

28 May Can’t Access Pacer or ECF? You May Need to Change a Setting in Your Browser

I am writing this post for the benefit of fellow lawyers and other colleagues who may be having the same problems I have accessing bankruptcy court records electronically.  If you use Firefox (Mozilla) or Opera as your browser, you will notice that your browser software periodically updates, and sometimes those updates create unintended consequences.  Similarly, the software engineers who maintain the Bankruptcy Court electronic filing systems update their software several times a year, also causing possible compatibility issues.

Last week I discovered that I could no longer fully access the menu screens in Pacer or ECF.  In fact, I tried for several days to file an amendment to Chapter 13 schedules in one of my cases but I could not access the menu within the ECF (electronic case filing) menu.  I assumed that the system was down, but when there was no notice from the system adminstrator or any of my local colleagues.  I did a little research and discovered that a recent ECF update changed some of the coding for the ECF menus resulting in a blank screen, regardless of the browswer I was using – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.

The solution to this problem is to add exceptions to the “blocked pop-up” screen in your browser as follows:

The exceptions I added were as follows:


You will need to substitute the ECF and Pacer login for your court.  This will solve the problem and restore your access to the electronic viewing and filing system.

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