Can I File Bankruptcy Just on Medical Bills?

07 May Can I File Bankruptcy Just on Medical Bills?

I often get a call from a potential client asking whether they can file for bankruptcy just on their medical bills, and not include their credit cards or other debts.

The short answer is that they can file, but not just on their medical bills. The slight longer answer explains why.

Bankruptcy is all about treating all your creditors in various classes fairly. For example, the Court doesn’t want to see you pay Aunt Marge the $1,000 she lent you last year and not pay MBNA for the $1,000 you owe them. While you think Aunt Marge deserves the money more than MBNA (actually, I do too), it isn’t fair to let you pick and choose who receives payment, or give them what the Code calls a “preference.”

Since medical bills, credit cards, most personal loans, and some taxes are all considered “general unsecured debts,” they all have to be treated the same way. This means that all of your debt, not just medical bills, has to be included. It also means that you can’t just file on one or two credit cards, or on one judgment.

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  • Emily Abbott
    Posted at 13:19h, 25 May

    Mr. Weis, my name is Emily Abbott. My husband and I have been struggling to pay our monthly bills and still can not get ahead. I am sick and have several issues with my health and need medical care often. I have to take medication that is quite expense every month. I have been in ICU twice in three years with heart issues. I am trying to get disablilty and been turned down once already. My husband has lost his job three times in one year and we still are trying to get caught up. He is employed now but, still we can not see daylight. He has several bills that he had when we married and at that time, had no problem paying these. However, now, his pay has been cut and he still tries to pay. We have to travel with his job and this also causes us to pay out alot of money. I think the bills are around 3200.00 a month and his pay is maybe 4100.00 a month. Can you help us figure out what we need to do? We have fought this thought of bankrupt for a while but, I see no way out.

    Thank you,
    Emily Abbott

  • Melinda
    Posted at 10:51h, 04 June

    I am a mother of 2 and I have a low income I have alot of medical bills on one bill I set up a payment plan now they are taking all the money out of my bank account and they are charging me over 2000 bucks in intrest I’m not sure how they can do this when I agreed to make payments I really don’t know what I should do please help