Camping Maybe the Answer to Family Fun During a Recession.

28 May Camping Maybe the Answer to Family Fun During a Recession.

Camping just may be your answer for a family vacation during a recession. One of the stressors that I see in clients right now results from people not being able to go on a vacation. For many vacation has always been a fantasy and not just during this recession. Camping just maybe the answer for you to make this fantasy a reality or retain some normalcy during the recession.

When is the last time you stepped back into nature, enjoyed the peace and quiet while spending non-electronic time with your family or even just yourself? Camping is an inexpensive way to have fun, de-stress and reconnect. For Memorial Day weekend 2009 we did just that in Lesterville, MO. The campsite for 4 people for 3 nights – $125, food for 4 people for three nights – $150, gas to get to Lestervile and back -$80. The price of reconnecting with your soul – priceless!

Camping was once the great American holiday. It allowed you to enjoy nature at its best and tour the wonders that made America great. My family did it every summer because it was cheap but to this day it is some of the greatest memories of my childhood. I would not trade those summer trips for any amount of money.

It is now time to stop keeping up with the neighbors and return to simpler times.

We can come through difficult financial times but it is going to take that American ingenuity and forethought. We need to think about the opportunities that the recession can bring and not the negative. In this case the recession is forcing many to think outside the box. Recessions are like a bankruptcy. It can be an opportunity to try new things or the ending of a lifestyle as you know it. Choose the positive approach and see the opportunities that will begin to appear.

Remember that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about living during a recession the better chance you have to regain financial control.

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