18 May Let it Go! What A Great Bankruptcy Theme Song!

[caption id="attachment_45834" align="alignleft" width="300"]Let it go! Let the debt go![/caption] I can't think of a more appropriate theme song for those in a financial crisis than Let it go from the movie Frozen. A theme song sets the tone or mood for what is about to come. Walt Disney has a history of providing life lessons through entertainment so it is no surprise Frozen and Let it go follow in this tradition. The lesson in Frozen is to "Let it go" as all too often trying to be the "perfect girl" creates a ripple effect of sleepless nights and crushing debt. The more you try to become perfect, the more you discover just how unrealistic this sense of perfection is and the only way to stop this behavior is to LET IT GO!
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04 Apr Your House Is In Foreclosure: What Should You Do? Part Two

In Part One, I discussed some of the options you may consider when your house (or other property) is in foreclosure, namely mortgage modifications and short sales. This post will focus on whether a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may...

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17 Mar Debt Creates Isolation!

IsolationAre you or have you ever been in debt? I am talking about the kind of debt that swallows you whole. The kind of debt you obsess about counting. As you continue to count each dollar you owe, the tighter your chest becomes. The debt continuing to squeeze until you can’t breathe anymore. Your obsession becomes the debt you have accumulated and believing that without a miracle you are never getting out of debt.
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