Beauty From Ashes Isaiah 61:3

07 May Beauty From Ashes Isaiah 61:3

It is not uncommon that when one files for bankruptcy that they feel that their world comes tumbling down around them. In fact the feeling can become so overwhelming that thoughts of suicide may be present because they view bankruptcy as a direct result of their failures. When contemplating a response to the statement of “What I am going to do now that bankruptcy has ruined my life?” I came across Isaiah 61:3 as a response. Isaiah 61:3 states in part, for those who grieve a crown of beauty will be given instead of ashes, oil of joy will be given instead of mourning… Every tough situation we face gives us the opportunity to grow and propel us forward.

Whether it is a fire that destroys an entire forest or a tornado that wipes out an entire town, beauty and hope can rise from those ashes. There is no greater example of this than in Greensburg, Kansas where a tornado wiped out the tiny town. The town swore that they would not let the storm get the best of them. Determined, they rebuilt their lives and the town stronger than before. During the rebuilding people developed a renewed sense of faith along with a sense of humor to guide them through tough times.

So how do you deal with tough times such as filing for bankruptcy? Do you let the situation overwhelm you and steal your joy or do you try and find an opportunity for change? Steven Curtis Chapman lost his five year old daughter from an accident that had no rhyme or reason. In this devastation Steven gathered every bit of faith and strength to not let this event steal his remaining time on this earth. Out of this tragedy he produced an album Beauty Will Rise based on the premise that something can come out of devastation.

Does filing bankruptcy feel as devastating as experiencing a fire, tornado or losing a child? For some it does or they think it does and therefore that is a valid feeling to me. In order to change that overwhelming feeling it must be identified and recognized. Once this takes place we can show you how the devastation of bankruptcy can give way to beauty in your financial life. Perspective is a tremendous tool that can help you survive just about any situation. But only you have the power to change your perspective on your life and your current situation. You are in total control of how you perceive a situation and how you are going to let it make you feel.

The fact is that bad things happen to good people everyday of the week. I, nor anyone I know has the answer of why someone has to lose everything in a fire, or a tornado or why a child has to die. What I do know is that it does happen. Consequently those who look at the situation they are in and choose to find something that they can use to propel themselves forward are those who don’t just survive the situation but excel and refuse to be a victim.

Bankruptcy is not an easy decision to make and the steps you may have to take to receive that discharge may be even tougher than the decision to file. However, if you are willing to make the tough decisions for the comparative short term you just may rise from the ashes of bankruptcy and receive the beauty of a debt free life.

Life is so short. Don’t let the creditors devastate your life or steal your joy. Change your perspective, get the facts about bankruptcy from a licensed bankruptcy attorney and take control of financial life. It is never too late to change your view point of the glass being half empty to being half full.

Inspires one to change their perspective.Someone who has inspired me to view things differently is Bethany Hamilton. The young surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. She too questioned about why bad things happened to good people. In the end she found a positive note about the experience and uses it to inspire others.

Remember that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have the more power you will have to change your perspective from your glass being half empty to being half full.

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