Bankruptcy Court Costs Increase

30 Sep Bankruptcy Court Costs Increase


Miscellaneous fees in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts increase again on November 1, 2011. The filing fee to initiate a bankruptcy case is not technically changing, but the “administrative” fee is going up $7 so the total fees that must be paid to file a new bankruptcy case go up by $7.

The new total fees to start a new bankruptcy case starting November 1, 2011, are

  • chapter 7 $306
  • chapter 13 $281
  • chapter 11 $1046

Debtors will have to pay $30 to amend schedule d, e, f, g, or h, up from $26. Creditors will have to pay $176 to file a motion to lift the automatic stay, up from $150.

Other fee increases:

  • Certification $11 from $9
  • Exemplication $21 from $18
  • Record Search $30 from $26
  • Document Filing / Indexing $46 from $39
  • Title 11 Administrative Fee $46 from $39
  • Record Retrieval $53 from $45
  • Returned Check $53 from $45
  • Notice of Appeal $293 from $250

Statutory authority for the bankruptcy court fees is 28 U.S.C. 1930.


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