Avoid Silly Debt.

01 Nov Avoid Silly Debt.

I was driving back from Dixon, Missouri the other day.  While enjoying the changing leaves I used the opportunity to think about some of the silly debt that people incur.  Silly Debt.One of the silliest debts that one can incur are traffic tickets  related to incidents that are totally in your control.  This particular picture was taken in a construction site alone Highway 50.  This work zone has a base fine of $450 for speeding.   $450 down the drain in the blink of eye.  Why?  Just because you wanted to go fast and generally in the long run you truly are not going to get there any faster because someone in front of you in a single lane is going to be going slower anyway.

The fine allegedly is a deterrent to slow down drivers.  This was  put in place not in order to raise money for the county but rather to  save the lives of the workers on the road.   The end result is that people still cannot resist the urge to speed through these zones.  In parts of the country if the speeding results in the death of a construction worker your base fine has the possibility to jump to $10,000.

So  is speeding really worth the cost of a ticket?  The fine is just simply a silly debt that could be avoided.  Don’t think that I did not pass through this rite of passage of learning to drive.  I have had my fair share of speeding tickets.  For me, I was lucky.  I went to a private high school and the judge was lenient on me.  Right, wrong or indifferent I was lucky because I did not receive the usual consequences of constant speeding tickets other than I had to pay my fines.  The cost of the speeding ticket is much more than the cost of the fine.

Let’s analyze the cost of the basic speeding ticket.  You will have the baseline cost of the fine issued by the court.  If you have the ticket amended you will have the cost of a higher fine to keep the points off your driving record plus attorney’s fees.   If you do not pay an attorney to amend the speeding ticket the ticket will place points against your driving record.    When the points begin to accumulate your insurance will begin to sky rocket.  Historically, if you are male, under the age of 25 and now have a ticket you will be praying that you make more than minimum wage.  Why?  Because you will be working solely to pay for insurance or you will be forced to pay solely for liability insurance only.

Let’s discuss one other cost of speeding.  As you speed your car wastes gas.  When you waste gas or go through gas more quickly you will have to stop at the gas pump more often.  So the time you had allegedly saved by speeding is now extended again because you have to stop for gas more often.  So what have you really gained?  Absolutely nothing.

So when you stop to analyze the real cost of speeding I think you will reach the same conclusion.  Speeding tickets are just down right silly debts.

Remember that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have the more power you will have to avoid silly debt.

Written by Kansas City Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney, Rachel Lynn Foley.

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