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Author: Wendell Sherk, Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney

19 Mar Suze Orman Recommends Bankrupting Retiree – Without The Benefits

Bankruptcy is a last resort of course. But it is an option. Paying back debt when you barely have enough money to survive is usually a horrible alternative. Unless you are Suze Orman. Ms. Orman styles herself as a financial adviser to every day folks. And Oprah Winfrey has given her a column on the O website. But Ms. Orman sounds more and more like she works for the credit industry, not you. In her March, 2012 on-line column, she posted a Q&A response which makes consumer advocates -- and anyone who actually cares about their elderly family -- scream. The question was asked how to help an 81-year old woman with $8,000 of credit card debt and only $600/mo of Social Security income get out of debt.
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