Concentrating in Consumer Bankruptcy Law since 1988;
Wake Forest Law School JD 1987
Law Office of Susanne M. Robicsek since 1993,
Law Clerk to Judge Rufus Reynolds, US Bankruptcy Judge for Middle District of NC; Burns Price & Arneke, PA, David Badger and Associates, PA.


Author: Susanne Robicsek, North Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney

17 Feb Bankruptcy Clients Of The Month: Parents In Financial Trouble

Bankruptcy clients of the month: Parents. Specifically, parentswith adult kids that need monetary help. I seem to be seeing a lotmorepeople whoseadult children have moved in with them.As the economy grows worse, children seem to be moving home in greater numbers.The parents Iam seeingare seniors living...

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13 Dec After You File Bankruptcy, What Happens If A Creditor Contacts You?

Once a bankruptcy is filed, all creditors are supposed to stop trying to collect debts that are dealt with or discharged in your case. But what happens if a creditor contacts someone after bankruptcy? As soon as a case is filed, there is an automatic stay that...

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13 Oct Foreclosures Stopped by Bank of America: Not Always Good News

Foreclosures by Bank of America have been stopped in all 50 states, which is good news for many homeowners frustrated by foreclosure documentation problems. It is good that some of the mortgage industry's widespread problems are being examined, but stalled foreclosures may not be beneficial for everyone. This may actually worsen problems for some borrowers, and all borrowers should be aware of pitfalls that can result from this temporary relief.
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