Concentrating in Consumer Bankruptcy Law since 1988;
Wake Forest Law School JD 1987
Law Office of Susanne M. Robicsek since 1993,
Law Clerk to Judge Rufus Reynolds, US Bankruptcy Judge for Middle District of NC; Burns Price & Arneke, PA, David Badger and Associates, PA.


Author: Susanne Robicsek, North Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney

25 May Bankruptcy Consultations With A Trusted Friend

Bankruptcy and lawyer/client confidentiality are strange bedfellows. Conversations between clients and their attorneys are usually confidential, although there are exceptions such as participation in ongoing crimes and preventing harm to others. Additionally, the conversation must be between you and your lawyer without anyone else present,...

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25 Apr Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Don’t Let Your Tank, Tank Your Bankruptcy Plan

Rising gas prices are hurting everyone, and individuals in Chapter 13 bankruptcy need to pay close attention to their budgets to avoid falling behind on their Chapter 13 plan payments. Many plan payments can be modified to lower payments to creditors if the debtor can no longer pay as much each month.
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