Concentrating in Consumer Bankruptcy Law since 1988;
Wake Forest Law School JD 1987
Law Office of Susanne M. Robicsek since 1993,
Law Clerk to Judge Rufus Reynolds, US Bankruptcy Judge for Middle District of NC; Burns Price & Arneke, PA, David Badger and Associates, PA.


Author: Susanne Robicsek, North Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney

08 Feb Find Bankruptcy Information Without A Lawyer

Susanne Robicsek PhotoSo, are you looking for information on bankruptcy? There are a number of reasons that people go to the internet for research if they are thinking of filing for bankruptcy, even before consulting a lawyer. Many people turn to the web to find information. What you find on the internet varies from excellent to terrible, and if you don't understand the subject, you might not know the difference. Why do people look on the internet for bankruptcy information? There are lots of reasons, but here are a few:
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