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Author: Susanne Robicsek, North Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney

12 Oct For Bankruptcy Law, Another Anniversary Approaches

[caption id="attachment_30837" align="alignright" width="150"]Robicsek:  Happy Anniversary Robicsek: Happy Anniversary[/caption] Anniversaries mark significant milestones, but not all are causes forcelebration. Forbankruptcy lawyers, particularly ones who have been around a while, when October 16th approaches we can't help butacknowledgethis oddanniversary ofB.A.P.C.P.A.,which is the official acronymofthe Act: Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention And Consumer Protection Actof 2005. Unofficially, the Act is referred to asB.A.R.F. Slang for getting sick (ie. vomit) and a term commonly used by bankruptcylawyers as a nickname for the bankruptcylaw act of 2005. B.A.R.F.stands for "Bankruptcy Abuse Reform Fiasco", which many feel is a more appropriate name for the bankruptcylaw passed in 2005.
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18 Jul Bankruptcy and the Unknown Asset

If you are filing for bankruptcy but you have an asset that you don't have information about, can you just put down "unknown" and leave it at that? That depends. The short answer is that youcanfile your bankruptcy case without all your information, meaning it ispossibleto do it, however I don't recommend it under most circumstances.

File at your own risk if you file without knowing all the answers

First and foremost, filing bankruptcywithout having all the information you need couldget you into a lot of trouble or complicate your case, depending on the circumstances, why, and how it is done. You don't want your case to turn into a train wreck, but sometimes you don't have a choice.
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13 Jun Can Foreclosure Be Stalled By Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Should you file Chapter 7 bankruptcyif you want to stall a foreclosure? Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can stall a foreclosure and it may give someoneadditional time for someone to stay in their home but there is no way to say how long. So the long answer would be to say is that it may or may not. . . and the short answer is "yes" it can, but it might not (for long). Additionally, you might wish it hadn't.
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18 Mar Avoid bankruptcy: Just Turn In Your Car, Right?

Bankruptcy isn't something that you think you need to do. After all, you don't owe that much money, or you think you can manage your debts - except for your car. So what to do? You have it all figured out. You are going to voluntarily surrender your car. No need to file bankruptcy. That is going to help a lot, by getting that car off your back. Right? Wrong! A car lender who thinks that they aren't going to get paid wants to get their collateral back as soon as they can, with as much ease and little effort or cost as possible. They don't want to pay a repo man to chase the borrower, so they often make is sound like they are cooperating you, and even helping you. Voluntary surrender is a repossession and is a default of your credit agreement. Repossession is repossession, whether done in the middle of the night by a tow truck, or voluntary turnover by the borrower.
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