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Author: Rachel Lynn Foley, Esq.

07 Apr Bankruptcy, Easter and Passover.

What does bankruptcy, Easter and Passover have in common? Let's see if you will agree with my analysis. What are the words that pop into mind when you think of bankruptcy? Guilt, sin, slave to debt, fresh start, family, broke, worthless, forgiven and hope. What words come to mind when you think of Easter? Eggs, family, Cadbury, Lent, resurrection, hope, forgiveness, fresh start, do over, and a chance to begin a new. What words come to mind when you think of Passover? Slavery, family, Seder, forgiveness, hope, freedom, and remembering the past.
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07 Mar My Friend Says…

Almost every bankruptcy attorney can testify that they have heard "my friend says..." from a potential client or a current client. I explained in my Pigs get Fat and Hogs are Slaughtered in Bankruptcy article that bankruptcy cases are like snowflakes. No two cases are ever alike. Therefore just because your friend was able to file a Chapter 7 the facts specific to your individual case will vary and may prevent you from filing the same type of case. For me if someone starts a sentence with "my friend says", this is a warning sign.
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07 Dec Bankruptcy: Reality or Fantasy

[caption id="attachment_25435" align="alignleft" width="516" caption="Chip's Jedi powers."][/caption] When you file for bankruptcy you must ask yourself are you in a reality or fantasy frame of mind? When I was young , one of the professions I pursued and dreamed about was being an actress. I trained, auditioned and actually took several classes in college along the way. I am talented enough to be represented by two agents, one in Kansas City and the other in North Carolina. In my fantasy view of my acting ability I am every bit as talented as Angelia Jolie. Even though I have appeared in several national films the reality is that my talent and skills are much more suited to being a bankruptcy attorney than an actress. Facing reality is a hard position for anyone to be in and truly is the first step that one must take when you consider filing for bankruptcy relief.
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