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Author: Rachel Lynn Foley, Esq.

17 Mar Debt Creates Isolation!

IsolationAre you or have you ever been in debt? I am talking about the kind of debt that swallows you whole. The kind of debt you obsess about counting. As you continue to count each dollar you owe, the tighter your chest becomes. The debt continuing to squeeze until you can’t breathe anymore. Your obsession becomes the debt you have accumulated and believing that without a miracle you are never getting out of debt.
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07 Feb What Have You Done For Me?

[caption id="attachment_45175" align="alignleft" width="176"]Go bankruptcy team! Go bankruptcy team![/caption]

In a recent case set for dismissal the question was asked: " I filed for bankruptcy and what have you done for me?" Hmmm, this is a very good question that needs to be reviewed frequently.

Bankruptcy is not a solo sport such as swimming, track or tennis. But rather a team sport like volleyball, basketball and sometimes it may even feel like a full contact sport such as football.

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07 Nov Bankruptcy Without Starvation.

water into wineOften the first thought when thinking about bankruptcy is how to put food on the table. With that said, I believe bankruptcy and dieting go hand in hand. When you first think about dieting don't you all the sudden start feeling hunger pains bubble up from the depths of your toes? The same holds true for bankruptcy and this stands to reason as bankruptcy is form of dieting. The traditional dieting process means you are slimming down your physical waistline in the attempt to become physically fit. Bankruptcy slims down your expense waistline in an attempt to become financially fit. Either way these two situations stimulate feelings of hunger as does writing this post.
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07 Oct Reflections Of A Christmas Budget Path Less Traveled.

Reflections.Let's reflect on a budget path less traveled so that you may avoid the pain of gift giving this Christmas. There are 77 days left until Christmas as of October 7th. So you take that pressure and add the pressure of employees being off work without pay due to the government shutdown and you now have the perfect storm for the holiday panic. Is there a magical way to budget for Christmas without going further into credit card debt? Unequivocally the answer is yes, but it calls for budgeting either on your own or through layaway.
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07 Sep Bankruptcy Secret!

[caption id="attachment_44038" align="alignleft" width="109"]Bankruptcy Secret! Bankruptcy Secret![/caption]

Wanna know a bankruptcy secret? The truth is that Chapter 7 trustees are paid $60 per case that they administer. Is this the secret? No that is part of the code under 11 U.S.C. §330(b). Additionally the Chapter 7 trustee receives commission from the stuff they take and sell. Is this the secret? No as this is also part of the code under 11 U.S.C. §326. So what is the secret?

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05 Sep Bankruptcy and Happiness.

Bankruptcy does not guarantee happiness. Bankruptcy is a way to regain financial control, a way to be rid of debt and a way to obtain a financial fresh start. But it does not guarantee happiness.

Happiness only comes from within. You must have reasonable expectations when you are contemplating filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is not a miracle but it is a vehicle that can potentially eliminate all your debt.

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