Author: L. Jed Berliner, Western & Central Massachusetts Consumer Lawyer

27 Apr How to Afford Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be affordable. It requires a lot of money to file for bankruptcy protections. It costs lots more than before the 2005 revisions, which doubled the expenses and work for no additional benefit. Here’s how to make it affordable. Chapter 7 cases are over in three...

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24 Feb Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Has No Minimum Payment For Credit Cards

Chapter 13 bankruptcyfilings often requires that a filer pay something every month to a trustee. The trustee distributes those payments according to a court-approved plan. Nothing in the Bankruptcy Code requires a minimum payment, aminimum dividend, to be paidto anygeneral unsecured creditor such as like...

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20 Nov Retain Complete Bankruptcy Originals, Not Just Signature Pages, When Going Paperless

It seemed like a dream to paper-burdened bankruptcylawyers, this electronic filing stuff for bankruptcy courts. Go paperless! Save only signature pages. Prepare your schedules, have the client make the necessary changes and sign where needed, then prepare the PDF documents, use the /s/ digital signature,...

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