Author: L. Jed Berliner, Western & Central Massachusetts Consumer Lawyer

27 Jul Attorney-Client Privilege, Work Product, in Bankruptcy

The U.S. Trustee comes a'knocking at your door. it doesn't care about no stinkin' attorney-client privilege. And the attorney work product privilege? It's just so many meaningless words. The government wants to see, um, EVERYTHINGin your files (both from the debtor and the lawyer). It wants...

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27 Feb Unlisted Debts Are Not Discharged in First Circuit

Debts which are not listed in bankruptcy schedules are not discharged in the First Circuit, which covers Puerto Rico and New England (except Connecticut and Vermont). The only exception is if that creditor otherwise knew of the bankruptcy filing when it happened. They are discharged...

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19 Jan Every Thing You Wanted to Know About the Massachusetts Bankruptcy Trustee Meeting But Were Afraid To Ask

The"Meeting of Creditors" is also called the 341 Meeting because, well, 341 is the section of the Bankruptcy Code that creates the required meeting. Creditors are invited but very rarely appear. It’s where you meet the trustee appointed to your case. The trustee is the guy...

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