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Author: Jonathan Ginsberg, Esq.

08 Jul Bankruptcy Attorneys are Not Miracle Workers – Help Us Help You

Georgia is a non-judicial foreclosure state which means that a mortgage company does not have to go to court in order to obtain permission to foreclosure. Instead, deeds to secure debt in Georgia contain provision that provide for foreclosure if the mortgage lender follows certain procedures, such as publishing for four consecutive weeks a notice of the pending foreclosure in the legal newspaper of the county where the property is located. Assuming these notice provisions are met,
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05 Jul What Should I Do About Unlisted Creditors in the Northern District of Georgia

What happens if you leave a creditor off your bankruptcy petition? This situation happened to a gentleman named Rob, who wrote me the following:
I filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2005 and the case was discharged on 11-23-2005. I've been sued by a company called XYZ Capital Acquisitions for a debt of $2771 that my attorney (who has since gone out of business) inadvertently left off the list of creditors. Will I need to reopen the case and add the original creditor?
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28 Jun Spend a Little Time Identifying the Legal Name of Your Creditors Now, and Avoid Big Problems Later

In my bankruptcy practice, I always recommend that my clients obtain copies of their credit reports. Why? After 20 years of representing debtors in my consumer bankruptcy practice I know that there is a good chance that my clients have one or more creditors they have forgotten about or quite possibly that they have never heard about. Since most people want bankruptcy to be a once in a lifetime experience, it makes sense to identify each and every potential creditor. And your credit report is a good place to start this process. However, your credit report is not the only resource to identify creditors.
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