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Author: Jonathan Ginsberg, Esq.

19 Aug Pro Se Chapter 7 Debtor Risks Loss of Vehicle and Hostile Trustee – Is There a Solution?

Here is a question I received from an individual who filed a Chapter 7 case pro se (without a lawyer) and now has an asset problem with his Chapter 7 trustee:
I filed chapter 7 and had a vehicle that i stilled owed money on and I continued to pay it off, it was listed in my original filed papers as exempt. I received a letter from the trustee about 3 weeks after the vehicle was paid off saying that i had too much equity in it so they demanded that I hand it over.
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15 Aug Bankruptcy Success Depends on Your Cooperation With Your Lawyer

I am generally very supportive of my Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 clients because I understand that they are going through a difficult time, are most likely under a lot of pressure, both financially and personally and probably view a visit to the bankruptcy lawyer's office kind of like a visit to the dentist. However, if you do file a case, you must work with your lawyer and help him or her by being an active participant in your case.
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08 Aug Big Problems Arise When a Chapter 7 Debtor Sells Estate Property Without Trustee Permission

I received this question from a very worried Chapter 7 debtor:
I initially filed Chapter 13 after paying back $10,000 and not being able to stay afloat I switched to Chapter 7. I owned two houses at the time and made my attorney aware that I was trying to sell both. I received an offer to purchase and notified my attorney. She advised we needed permission to sell from trustee. By the time the closing was upon us there still was not date to go before the trustee. I sold the house making no profit but my debt was cleared. Now the trustee is denying my discharge thinking I have defrauded the system.
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25 Jul What is a “910 Car Claim” and Should You Be Worried About It?

The Bankruptcy Code treats vehicle loan claims differently, depending on how long ago you purchased your vehicle. Specifically, if you purchased your vehicle less than 910 days ago, you will end up paying the full balance due, with interest, in your Chapter 13. If you purchased your vehicle more than 910 days from the date of filing, you may be able
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