Däna (pronounced "Donna") Wilkinson, has been a bankruptcy lawyer in South Carolina for 20 years. She is certified as a bankruptcy specialist by the South Carolina Supreme Court.


Author: Dana Wilkinson, Attorney at Law

09 Feb Gary Busey Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy–And He’s Not Alone

On Tuesday, Gary Busey filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. That's not all that shocking--plenty of celebrities have sought bankruptcy protection. Entertainers like Gary Coleman, Burt Reynolds and Jerry Lee Lewis, businessmen like P.T. Barnum and Donald Trump, socialites like Patricia Kluge, professional athletes like Lenny Dykstra...

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05 Oct Your Bankruptcy Lawyer–Experience Matters

If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy, possibly the most important decision you'll make will be which attorney to hire to represent you in that bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy attorney will guide your decision-making throughout the process, from whether to file bankruptcy at all, when to file, and what type of bankruptcy is available, and most beneficial. You bankruptcy attorney will help you navigate the intricacies of the means test, will determine what exemption scheme is available to you and help you decide how to apply those exemptions. Your bankruptcy attorney will review your situation to identify any potential land mines, and should be there with you when you go to court, when you provide information to the trustee or your creditors, or in rare cases, when your case is audited.
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