Däna (pronounced "Donna") Wilkinson, has been a bankruptcy lawyer in South Carolina for 20 years. She is certified as a bankruptcy specialist by the South Carolina Supreme Court.


Author: Dana Wilkinson, Attorney at Law

02 Apr Biggest Tax Time Mistake Can Also Cost You in Bankruptcy

[caption id="attachment_39439" align="alignleft" width="300"]Tax Day is Coming! Tax Day is Coming![/caption] There are a lot of mistakes you can make at tax time. One of the biggest--in fact, it is absolutely the biggest--is to fail to file your return on time. That particular mistake can also cost you if you are in bankruptcy, or if you need to file bankruptcy. The temptation not to file a return may be great. You may know that you owe taxes. You may be unsure that you have all the paperwork needed to file. You may purely hate to deal with numbers. None of those are good excuses, and here's why:
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