Däna (pronounced "Donna") Wilkinson, has been a bankruptcy lawyer in South Carolina for 20 years. She is certified as a bankruptcy specialist by the South Carolina Supreme Court.


Author: Dana Wilkinson, Attorney at Law

02 Sep Many Innocent Reasons Lead to Bankruptcy

I spend a lot of time talking to clients (and prospective clients) about the social stigma of filing bankruptcy. That is probably the primary reason that people who need the protection bankruptcy offers wait too long to file, or don't file at all. Many people struggle with overwhelming debt for far too long, exhausting their resources (and often the resources of family members as well) because of their perception of bankruptcy. So I was struck by something the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals said in a recent decision involving NBA great Scottie Pippen.
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02 May No, Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Is Not Trying to Torture You

For people who are engaged in a profession that is based upon communication, lawyers can be very bad at communicating. Bankruptcy lawyers, including me, don't always communicate effectively with clients. Like any other specialized profession, we tend to think and talk in jargon, and we...

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