Craig W. Andresen is a consumer bankruptcy lawyer in Bloomington, Minnesota, with 22 years’ experience in consumer and small business bankruptcy cases. He is the Minnesota chair of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, and is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Bankruptcy Section. Mr. Andresen lectures often on the topic of consumer bankruptcy at local and national legal seminars.


Author: Craig Andresen, Minneapolis, MN, Bankruptcy Attorney

06 Mar Religious School Tuition and Chapter 13: Allowed by Section 1325(b)?

There are manybenefits to bankruptcy, especially chapter 13. However,one of the most frustrating aspects of chapter 13 is the uncertainty over whether a child'sreligious school tuition is an allowable expense in the bankruptcy case. Given the importance that some families place upon religiously oriented education,a family considering chapter 13might refuse to proceed, if it means that the children have to be pulled out of a religiousschool and enrolled instead in a public school while the parents are in a chapter 13 plan.
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06 Feb Myth Busted: Most Can Afford A Chapter 13 Plan

One of the most stubborn myths about bankruptcy is the one which says that chapter 13 requires full payment of all your debts over 60 months. If true, this would indeed rule out chapter 13 for most consumers. After all, what good wouldcomefrombeing granted 60 months to pay off all your debts? If you can't afford your payments now, how in the world could you affordyour paymentsif you had only 60 months to pay them? This myth about paying your debts in full in chapter 13 is, happily, only a myth.
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