Chip Parker is the managing partner of Parker & DuFresne, P.A., where he represents Northeast Florida businesses and consumers facing bankruptcy, and homeowners facing foreclosure. His firm files more homeowners in the Mortgage Modification Mediation Program than any other law firm in Northeast Florida.

Parker is the recipient of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid's prestigious Award for Outstanding Pro Bono Service. Mr. Parker is an active member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and National Association of Consumer Advocates.


Author: Chip Parker, Esq.

27 Feb Can I File Bankruptcy Without Affecting My Incorporated Business?

Cathy Moran recently discussed business debts in bankruptcy in her post entitled Bankruptcy & Small Business, but what if you have incorporated your business? Can a bankruptcy trustee take your business if you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? After all, you went to the trouble of incorporating because it created a separate entity, and you learned from somewhere that people incorporated their small business to insulate themselves from liability. If the corporate entity can protect the shareholder from business liability, can the shareholder protect the corporate entity from personal liability in bankruptcy? The answer is simply that the corporate entity is not protected if the shareholder files for bankruptcy protection.
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20 Feb Why the Credit Bureaus Argue Against Freezing Your Credit to Prevent Fraud

This is a companion post to Use Credit Freeze to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft. Identity theft and credit fraud can destroy a person's hard earned credit score. One way to combat this is by requesting a credit freeze from each of the major credit bureaus. However, in her article on Experian's website, Maxine Sweet, Vice President of Public Relations, argues that freezing your credit report can cause more problems that they solve.
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19 Feb Use Credit Freeze to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

This is a companion post to Why the Credit Bureaus Argue Against Freezing Your Credit to Prevent Fraud. Identity theft is a nightmare for victims, and can often be so damaging to someone's credit that repairing the credit is virtually impossible. Currently, 25 states have enacted legislation that give all or some consumers the right to prevent identity theft by placing a security freeze on their credit reports. This topic was recently discussed in an article by David Bauerlein. Basically, credit freezing entails issuing a secret PIN number to the consumer that must be presented to the credit bureau to "thaw" the credit report.
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14 Feb Can I Create a Wage Account to Keep the Trustee from Taking My Money?

WARNING - The author of this post is a Florida bankruptcy lawyer. The success of this strategy depends upon whether your state offers a similar wage exemption. If you are contemplating the filing of a bankruptcy, you should ask your local bankruptcy attorney about wage accounts. Because this and other strategies require months of pre-bankruptcy planning, it is important to consult with a lawyer as soon as you consider bankruptcy as a possible option. Since you are browsing this site, you are ready to explore bankruptcy with an attorney now! Under Florida law, wages are exempt for a period of six months. This means wages in the debtor's possession which are less than six months old on the date of filing are exempt. HOWEVER, those wages must be identifiable, which means "the money" cannot be commingled or "mixed" with other types of money.
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