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Author: Jay Fleischman, Esq.

21 Dec The Truth About Websites That Promise Debt Relief

The promise of debt freedom is just behind the next click. We walk through life with a bit more cynicism than used to be the case. When I get an email promising me millions from an overseas stranger, for example, I know better than to click the link or provide information. If it sounds too good to be true, the saying goes, then chances are it is just that. There is, however, a raft of websites out there promising debt relief solutions that aren't too good to be true - just good enough to be plausible. Spend time and money with these folks, however, and you'll see the seedy underbelly of the debt relief industry. Finding the bad guys, however, isn't always a simple task.
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21 Nov 6 Stress-Reduction Tips For Cash-Strapped Times

We live in a hyper-stressed world, with work and family pulling us in all directions at once. Sometimes I wonder how we're living longer as a society - after all, the stress can't be good for us. Lots of my friends respond to stress by working out, sitting by the television in an effort to dull their senses, or hitting the day spa for a massage. That's great for them, but not for me. I dislike gyms, am not much for most TV beyond The Big Bang Theory, and the thought of a stranger touching me at a day spa makes me want to run screaming from the room. It occurs to me that all three of these stress-reduction solutions require money, something you may not have all that much of right now. Given the fact that being strapped for funds is a stressful event, you could probably use some stress relief right about now. It's good to clear your head so you can focus on getting through these difficult times.
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30 Sep Filing For Bankruptcy Without A Lawyer – Scams Abound In Los Angeles

Well over 45% of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in Los Angeles are filed without a lawyer. When it comes to Chapter 13 filings, that number is far higher - in spite of the fact that nearly every single Chapter 13 bankruptcy case filed without a lawyer is thrown out of court. What gives? It seems as if many people don't know the difference between the services a lawyer can provide as opposed to those offered by non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparers. Maybe it's the promise of a lower cost than attorneys charge. Or a sense of trust and authority vested in non-lawyers by community groups. Regardless, when it comes to filing for bankruptcy without a lawyer there are a host of things you're not going to get.
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31 Aug 13 Ways To Maximize Your Chances For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Success

You file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy for a variety of reasons: to save a home, car or other property; to reorganize your finances; to account for income that's too high to qualify you for a Chapter 7; because it's better for your individual situation. Whatever your reason, you deserve to succeed. There's a long road involved in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With your Plan lasting 36-60 months, you're going to get to know your lawyer pretty well. You may not speak that often, but there have got to be open lines of communication in order to make things run smoothly. From the lawyer's side, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves not only thorough review of your financial information and meticulous preparation of the court documents, but also a keen eye to red flags. Confirmation, any good Chapter 13 lawyer will tell you, is in many ways the beginning rather than the end. But what about your responsibilities? It's a two-way street, after all.
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29 Aug How To Defend A Credit Card Lawsuit Even If You Owe the Money

If you're on the wrong end of a credit card lawsuit, you're faced with the prospect of a judgment against you. If you're smart, you've got powerful weapons you can use. Lots of times you're served with a lawsuit for a credit card debt and think to yourself, I owe the money. Guess I've got no defenses. You're wrong. In fact, there are a number of actions you should take immediately.

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06 Aug How Many Times Can You File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

After scouring the Internet, sitting down with lawyers and searching your soul (and monthly expenses), you’ve decided to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Still, you're worried about the future - what happens if you file for bankruptcy now and get into financial trouble later on? Chapter 7 exists to help you get out of debtquickly and easily. Tally up your bills, make sure you pass the means test, account for any non-exempt assets, and away you go. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help get you into a better position relatively fast. To paraphrase Mark Twain, it's easy to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy - you can do it hundreds of times. The real question, however, is whether you can get what you want - a discharge of debts - when your case is filed.
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