October 2011

There’s something about Halloween that makes children and adults alike feel good.  Maybe it’s the costumes, perhaps it’s the candy.  One thing’s for sure – there are few people who don’t smile when screaming, “Trick or treat!” Of course, there’s always the errant egging or toilet papering of the trees in front of the house. […]

Some banks recently started charging debit card use and other fees. (For more, see this post by Andy Miofsky, and my earlier one.) The New York Times recently reported how the practical problem of changing an online account from one bank to another contributes to how some banks now charging debit card use fees are […]

In Re Vandenbosch answers the question of whether a Chapter 13 Debtor must include their social security benefits in the determination of monthly income in Southwest Florida.  In the past, debtors were required to use their social security to repay creditors claims in their bankruptcy plans.  This was a very unfair practice in my opinion, […]

If you are considering filing a bankruptcy petition you should consult with an experienced lawyer so you can do some planning.  But you should be careful; as with most of life, good planning will save you money  but sloppy planning can land you in hot water. I often talk with people who are considering bankruptcy who have […]

In the on-going saga of Missouri bankruptcy exemptions, some apparently-settled debtor protections have recently been destabilized.  And this caused an apparent split among bankruptcy judges on at least some of these protections. Recently, this on-going evolution visited the daily wages of consumers.  Missouri has a law which protects a large portion of an individual’s income […]

Bankruptcy filings continue to decrease according to a report by Epiq Systems in a recent article at Credit Slips by Bob Lawless.   According to the blog, bankruptcy filings are down more than 17% from 201o at the same time last year.  This trend was reported in an earlier article at the New York Times. […]