November 2009

Foreclosures in Connecticut are unlike foreclosures in 48 other states.  (Connecticut and Vermont share this weirdness.)  In most cases, a foreclosure does not result in an auction.  Usually, the lender will just come to own your property without an auction.  (Read Part 1 to find out what the first steps are.) So if there is no […]

Lately I have had a number of clients who have asked me whether they should continue to seek mortgage modification, or go ahead and file a Chapter 13 to stop a foreclosure.  With the slow pace of lenders’ response to modification applications, and the pressure of possible foreclosure, it can be a difficult decision.  Here […]

The simple answer is yes. Filing bankruptcy will stop the sale of the property – if filed before the time of the sale and thetaxing entityis notified of the bankruptcy filing. If a person is substantially behind on his or her property taxes, he may want to file a Chapter 13 which gives the him […]

One of the hardest decisions a small business owner will ever face is whether to shut down a business that is losing money. It is an emotional decision because of the blood, sweat and tears that it takes to go into business for yourself.  But it is also a financial decision, fraught with uncertainties and […]

One of the many advantages for an individual choosing to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy over a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is that the 707(b) means test is not incorporated into the calculation of disposable income for individual Chapter 11 debtors. Indisputably, the greatest change to the bankruptcy code in 2005 was the addition of the […]

The troubled economy continues to result in increased bankruptcy filings, even in the tourist or retirement areas. Bankruptcy filings are increasing each month at a rapid pace.